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Level 3 – Personal Training

Personal training is for those individuals who want to accelerate the rate of change in their bodies, or who may need a more specific set of exercises. People who require certain muscle groups to be worked based on certain types of injuries, or those who are simply looking for one-on-one coaching and training, rather than being in a group atmosphere. At Crossfit Hardbodies, we set aside specific times for one-on-one personal training, but we can also provide individualized training while one of our group sessions is being held.

With every Personal Training session we offer:

  • Assisted stretching
  • Continuous movement
  • Rapid and permanent weight gain/loss
  • A comprehensive nutritional plan to accelerate fat loss and improve your health and stamina
  • Routines specifically tailored to the exact goals that you are trying to achieve
  • Routines that change every day that are not dull and boring
  • A much higher level of follow-up and personal accountability

*Massage therapy may be used before or after your session based on specific needs.

Personal Training is the fastest way to get the results you are looking for. You will learn superior technical skills as opposed to using machines — which do most of the work for you — as is done in most mainstream gyms.

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