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I'm Hooked!

"My husband and I started our workout journey with p90x. We saw good results but got bored with the same routine over and over. Then we found Crossfit Hardbodies! This place has wieght lifting, circut training, cardio, kettle bells, the whole nine. I look forward to seeing Edson and getting my butt kicked every morning. Plus it’s helped me lose weight and gain strength. The personal trainers there really know how to push you to get maximum results. I’m hooked!"

- Bethany T.

It’s Always A Challenge

"Just Fantastic! I was bored to death working out in the traditional gym. Crossfit Hardbodies got me excited about working out again! Every day there’s a different workout posted. It’s always a surprise. It’s always a challenge. It’s always great! Edson, Fortune, Troy, and Rebecca offer outstanding instruction and encouragement. It’s a lot of work but I’ve never looked better or felt better!"

- Melanie Z.

Nothing Else Compares

"If you're looking for the most challenging workout around and a staff that’s motivating Crossfit Hardbodies is it. I’ve done numerous workout routines from the standard gym to P90X and nothing else compares."

- Alicia S.

Workouts Have Transformed My Body

"Six months ago after being depressed because I didn’t like the way I looked, I made the decision to join Crossfit Harbodies. I thought I couldn’t do any of the workouts and I was wrong; box jumps, 400 meter runs, tire flipping, kettle bell swinging, jump roping, and so many other cool workouts have transformed my body and my life! I recommend Crossfit Hardbodies to everyone that is looking for a change. Edson, Fortune, and Troy are a great support, they don’t see you as a client but as a friend and as family. Thank you for showing me that with healthy eating and proper training, you can live a better life."

- Seth F.

Changed My Life

"Crossfit Hardbodies changed my life in so many ways i cant even describe it. im addicted to it."

- Michelle R.

Fun Environment

"I absolutely love Crossfit Hardbodies! It’s such a fun environment where the coaches and other members push you to be your best everyday! I look forward to the workouts and seeing how much stronger I’ve become. Definitely beats a boring gym!!"

- Don E.

Definitely A Great Decision

"Crossfit Hardbodies has changed my life! I was so bored with traditional gym! I love how there is a workout set for the class, edson, fortune and Rebeca are very helpful and push you to your limits. Definitely a great decision I made!"

- Shannon W.


"Best decision I ever made in my life!!!! The results Im seeing on my body are incredible. I cant get enough of Crossfit Hardbodies!!!!!"

- Tonya H.

You Might Just Find A New Family

"My wife and I joined Crossfit Hardbodies Nov. 2011, it has been one of the best things we have done. As a firefighter it is important for me to stay in shape and I never really enjoyed a traditional gym. At Crossfit Hardbodies it’s like having a whole new workout family, everyone is very motivated about working out and are very encouraging to each other. If you want a fun way to either get into shape or stay in shape, give it a try. You might just find a new family!!!"

- Phil O.

Your Age or Skill Level Doesn’t Matter

"If you’re serious about improving your life than crossfit hardbodies is a must! Every workout is different and challenging. Your age or skill level doesn’t matter as long as you’re committed."

- Sue H.

Positive Environment

"I absolutely love crossfit hardbodies! Fortune and Edson have created such a positive environment- one where everyone encourages eachother to do better every day. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life because of them and while I have a lot of work to do, I’m excited to be doing it at hardbodies!"

- Isabel L.

I Feel Empowered, Proud, Strong, And Healthy

"Wow…where to start. August 2011 was my 40th birthday. I was tired of being tired…I was tired of being overweight & unhealthy. The first 40 years flew by so quickly, I was afraid the next 40 would fly by too. I didn’t want to continue feeling the way I was feeling. I have always enjoyed watching “The Biggest Loser” & dreamed of having a trainer. I came across an ad for Crossfit & decided it was time. I was very nervous about the cost, but quickly realized that to pay for a personal trainer would have cost me so much more. At Crossfit, you can go as many days a week as you’d like…for one price. It turns out less expensive than hiring a personal trainer by the hour or session. PLUS… Crossfit is like family. I have made friends… and Fortune & Edson are fantastic. When I was going through some personal issues, they were there for me. They welcomed me with hugs when I showed up for boot camp. That spoke volumes to me. I am challenged every day. I work hard to beat my own time and am proud of my many accomplishments. My first day of boot camp, I thought I would just die. I survived…and continued on. I love to flip the tractor tires, swing the sledgehammers, jump rope, box jumps, and have become really good at pull-ups,push-ups, & squats. I am even learning to enjoy running again. Crossfit saved my life. I have lost 40 lbs to date and have gone from a size 16 to a 10. I am in control of myself now. I feel empowered, proud, strong, and healthy. I recommend Crossfit Hardbodies to everyone I meet. <3"

- Julie L.

You Will Be So Happy You Did

"Crossfit Hardbodies saved me from the boring traditional gym…..I have worked out for many many years and was getting very tired of the regular boring gym setting. I was very intimidated of crossfit at first but am so glad I decided to visit and join in on my first workout..I have never looked back. Edson and Fortune are family now!!! I have made many friends and look forward to my morning class. wouldn’t leave it for the world. Come and try a class…you will be so happy you did!!!!"

- Jeff S.

Simply Amazing

"I recently relocated to Florida and needed to find a new place to workout. I am extremely happy that I came across Crossfit Hardbodies. I have worked out my whole life and nothing compares to Crossfit Hardbodies. It is the most challenging and rewarding workout around. Edson, Fortune, and Rebecca encourage and motivate you to do things beyond what you may feel is physically possible. Every day there is a different workout so you never get bored with it. The people at the gym are simply amazing. Everyone is always encouraging each other to keep on going. If you accept the challenge then I guarantee you will never want to go back to any other type of workout program!"

- Brian S.

Life Changing Place

"Crossfit Hardbodies is truly an amazing and life changing place! I’ve been attending a year now and only have great things to say about it. This will definitely be one of many years for me. Since I’ve been coming, WE NEVER have done the same workout/route twice. For me, that was one of the most appealing things. NEVER BORING! Everyday is a new and challenging experience. I feel more confident as a person in my new, Crossfit Hardbodies, body! I did not join to lose weight but to tone. I saw results IMMEDIATELY! I feel great and continue to feel better! All of the owners/trainers at this gym are very encouraging. They make you want to give 110% each time you are here. Probably reason for the results ☺ With a family/community environment, you cant fail. Encouragement is all around. Those items alone make this place worth very penny spent. I highly recommend this gym to anyone that is looking to get their mind and body on the right track. **** What are you waiting for! SEE YOU IN CLASS! — Russian Star :*"

- Jenn E.

I Refer Everyone

"I have been a trainer for the last 8 yrs. About 4 yrs ago I started searching for different ways to train my body and to help my clients get to the next level. I learned about Crossfit Hardbodies, came in to workout and was hooked ever since! This is what I had been searching for. A way to train like an athlete. It was perfect for me and fun for my clients. NEVER the same and never boring. It’s hard for me to train in a traditional gym now. I don’t get as much out of it. Crossfit Hardbodies is were it’s at!! I refer everyone there!"

- Rebeca C.

Feel Strong and Healthy

"Bored and frustrated with the usual gym fare in the area, when I found CFHB in 2010 I found passionate coaches and trainers, a team training concept and workouts that push my limits. Shin splints that plagued my high school track career and running attempts thereafter were eliminated with the professional eye of Coach Edson who made some minor corrections to my technique–I have been pain-free since. I’m now 50 and feel strong and healthy. I recently competed in the 2012 CF Open and, well, did pretty good if I do say so myself! With my coaches’ and other athletes’ encouragement, I lifted heavier weights, moved faster, and performed better than I ever expected. CF is my addition and the cure is my daily WOD!"

- Pam F.

Comfortable But Very Challenging

"My son and I joined crossfit and its amazing! The atmosphere is comfortable but very challenging. I was very intimidated at first because I thought as a beginner I had to be “in shape” or very “athletic”, this is not the case there many people that are in great shape but they encourage you and the staff Never quit on you they are with 100% of the time and no there is no separate fee for the motivation and accountability! I am amazed with all of the things I have been able to do! I would never get this push or work out at a regular gym! Sometimes I have left regular gyms like I could have done more at Crossfit you leave knowing you did all you could because they push you! Workouts are exciting and change everyday you are garanteed to leave you dripping sweat and loving your body! Thanks crossfit!!!!"

- Caroline R.

Knowledgeable and Always Right There

"I just LOVE Crossfit Hardbodies!!!!! There program is super great if you’re looking to shed body fat fast and tone up at the same time.. The staff at Hardbodies is knowledgeable and always right there to make sure what your doing is correct. If your looking for a fun place to work out in Port Saint Lucie then look no further!"

- Steve S.

Great Trainers And The Best Money Spent On Myself By Far

"I joined Crossfit Hardbodies about a month ago and I can’t stop talking about how great it is to everyone. I love the daily challenges I encounter and even though I sometimes doubted myself I managed to overcome my fear of not being able to complete my workout. It is such a huge difference to work out as a team rather than being a loner at the gym. After my first workout I cancelled my gym membership, I immediately knew crossfit was going to help me achieve my goal of losing weight and getting toned. This is what I was looking for in a workout. It’s an hour of intense exercise. Great trainers and the best $$$ spent on myself by far."

- Beth K.

Definitely Recommend

"I really like the work out I get from cross fit hardbodies!! I’ve been going for over a month now and I can already feel the difference in my body. I feel stronger, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy!!! The staff is amazing, they are extremely supportive, encouraging, and motivating!!! I would definitely recommend crossfit hardbodies!"

- Sam R.

Amazing Coaches, Great Atmosphere

"Amazing coaches, great atmosphere. The workouts are challenging but doable. The results for your hard work come faster than any other training out there. This is a place you come to when you are ready to get fit and healthy. Not only will they help push you to your exercise and endurance goals but they also help guide you to better nutrition and health. This is fitness for all ages, my 13 year old daughter is also a member and has seen great results to further her in the sports that she is already involved with. I highly recommend you give this a try and see for yourself!"

- Jenn M.

The Coaches Are Amazing

"I love crossfit I would never go back to a regular gym. The coaches are amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. Everyday that i go i get motivated. I like how there’s a different workout everyday and they teach you how to do it correctly. Most definitely worth giving it a shot its totally worth it!"

- Paul M.

Great Workouts

"Great workouts that are constantly changing. They care very much and are willing to help in all areas of fitness. It is like a family and is encouraging and challenging at the same time. After every workout there is a big sense of accomplishment."

- Steve D.

"Hey Edson & Fortune ,

I just wanted to thank you for the barefoot running class I took with you guys. I just competed in my favorite 5k, UDT/SEAL Museum Muster, on Sat. Nov.10,2012. It marks my return after 2 years due to injuries. I ran on the beach, barefoot. Because of poor communication, some of us runners ended up running an extra half mile. Despite that I won my age group, as well as coming in the top 10, with a time of 24:54. And I was injury free. Thanks for explaining about “picking” the feet, as well as the various drills. As a competitive athlete, as well as a fellow fitness trainer, it’s important for me to stay on top, and you’re training really helped. Thank you again."

- Gopal R.

Sense of Community

"I really get the sense of community here. The coaches are knowledgeable and really devote their time to making sure you have the right technique in the pocket. People are friendly and helpful.Since I have been going to Crossfit Hardbodies not only am I healthier, stronger and look better than I ever have BUT – I feel amazing – 100% more productive, Increased positive mood and over all life has been bumped up many notches. Would highly recommend."

- Nick M.

CFPSL is the first Crossfit Gym on the Treasure Coast

"CFPSL is the first Crossfit Gym on the Treasure Coast. They are the best at what they do. Come join the family."

- PJ Martin

My Home Away From Home

"The facility at CFPSL has everything a Crossfitter would ever need to have a great WOD everyday; my home away from home."

- Jen Wirth

Feels Like a Family

"The atmosphere at CFPSL is fun, friendly and feels like a family. We cheer each other on and encourage each other."

- Simon Chel

Push Past My Limitations And Helped Me Gain Strength

"The trainers at CFPSL have helped me push passed my limitations and helped me gain strength I have never had before."

-Tara Smith

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