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  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Instructor
  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Nutritional Certification
  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Strongman Certification
  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Olympic Lifting Certification
  • Trained in the Russian style of Olympic Lifting by Vladislav Lukanin
  • Top Regional Competitor 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Crossfit Games Athlete 2013 (16th in the World) Top Master Competitor
  • NPC Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure Competitor 20 to 38
  • Ten Years as a competitive gymnast
  • Fortune is a Crossfit Certified Trainer with 20+ years of experience as a personal trainer and Fitness Motivator for hundreds of International and North American clients. She has a wide range of experience with different training modalities and techniques for people of all ages and fitness levels. These often include clients with prior injuries or a limited range of motion. She is especially proficient in the application of proper nutrition and diet regimens as part of an overall fitness program.Her competitive nature has led her to compete in CrossFit, where she recently placed 5th overall in the state of Florida, and was 25th overall in over eight states in 2010. This year she will be competing head-to-head with the top CrossFitter athletes of the world, and is preparing for the CrossFit Games in July.

    As confirmation of her status as the top Fitness and Nutritional Coach in the Treasure Coast, Fortune was selected to work with four prominent physicians as the only non-MD to transform a lucky Treasure Coast resident with a “Total Makeover.” Her photo and story are in the 2010 issue of the Stuart Magazine. She was recently chosen as one of the “Top Ten” trainers on the Treasure Coast and will once again be featured in the 2011 issue of Stuart Magazine.

    Fortune started her journey into the world of athletics at the age of six, where she was hand-selected by a world-renowned gymnastics coach to train with their team two years before she was eligible to actually compete. Once she was eight and eligible to compete against other Northern California top gymnasts, she did exceptionally well and won numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals. Her team also boasted 1st Place in the Nation and she placed 1st Overall in her age group. Over the next twelve years her training regime averaged 30 hours per week.

    As an adult Fortune found that she had a passion for bodybuilding. She entered her first bodybuilding contest at the age of 18 and placed 2nd Overall, and since then has competed in many contests including several that specialize in Fitness and Figure, where she has racked up a long list of 1st and 2nd place finishes. She is particularly proud of placing 2nd in the Middleweight Open of the 2008 South Florida Bodybuilding event after recently giving birth to her third child.

    Fortune currently splits her time between Crossfit training sessions and personal training, where she teaches and trains people on a one-on-one basis with specially tailored programs designed to help clients lose weight, increase stamina and reflexes, and decrease their Body mass Index (BMI).

    Read more about Personal Training here.

Edson Santos

  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Instructor
  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Olympic Weightlifting
  • Certified Crossfit Level-1 Strongman Certification
  • Trained in the Russian Style of Olympic Lifting by Vladislav Lukanin

Edson is a CrossFit Certified Trainer as well as an Olympic Lifting Coach. A lifelong sports enthusiast, he became inspired by the millions of competitive athletes around the globe who use functional work as their “only” form of training.

Born and raised in Brazil, he truly appreciates the competitive “fitness lifestyle” that CrossFit promotes. As a young child he played competitive Volleyball, Track & Field, and of course, Soccer. He won many State Tournaments as a Volleyball Player and “Soccer Star”. He was sought after by many Universities for his skill in soccer. He learned the concept of “functional work” from several of the top coaches in Brazil, where playing sports is as important as life itself.

Today, his passion lies in coaching and teaching others. He is known as being one of the top lifting coaches in FL and in fact has trained many of the other people in the Treasure Coast who now try to teach others how to lift properly, and is actively sought after for his Personal Training skills and his time proven ability to transform physiques. He has trained his wife Fortune to become one of the top lifters in the Southeast in less than two years of working with her, and has taken many ordinary people and turned them into top-notch athletes in less than a year. Edson also particularly enjoys assisting rehabilitative clients to become more functional in order to live a happy and more productive life.

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