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What Makes Us Different


We have been trained by the top Olympic Lifter in the world, Lukanin Vladislav. He made a special trip to visit us and spent over two weeks in our facility to show us the Russian Method of Lifting. The positions are comfortable and your body has no pain as we move you through the mechanics of the movements. Because we are committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible, we are in constant contact with him for improvements. We have gone out of our way to be trained by the best in the world!

We also have been trained by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, PH.D, developer of the Pose Method.

Everything we do, we seek the best to pull and learn from. Besides a background in bodybuilding and physique competitions, we have a rich background in athletics, from competitive gymnastics to competitive volleyball and soccer. When it comes to mastering your nutrition and your physique no one has more experience than us.

Our Crossfit gym is dedicated to providing a road to elite fitness for all people.

Crossfit is appropriate for everyone: from world-class triathletes, firefighters, and law enforcement professionals to everyday people who want to get fit. Even elders who wish to preserve their ability to live independently will benefit from Crossfit and our methods of muscle building.

For elite athletes, Crossfit provides a solid base from which to develop the skills particular to your needs. There is tremendous crossover between the functional skills and movements of Crossfit and human performance in all areas of athletic endeavor.

For the rest of us, Crossfit improves health and general conditioning more than other programs. The functional skills and movements are useful to you for everyday life and will change your body far more than a traditional gym.

You don’t need to be in shape to experience Crossfit — you get in shape by coming to Crossfit!


Active Coaching

Workouts are in small groups with focused training from a highly qualified coach.

Superior Methods

Better results are achieved with free weights, functional movements and intensity than with the machines and circuit training you find in regular gyms.


All our workouts are tailored to meet your needs and abilities, whether you’re an Olympic athlete or have never trained before.

Reality Checks

We don’t make empty promises. You can’t create a beautiful, fit body by taking supplements or using gimmicks. It takes work to feel and look great! CrossFit will challenge you to push your limits and get into the best shape of your life. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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